Be in touch
with your doctor
Chatbot for monitoring the health
of a patient with high blood pressure
How it works
You are subscribing to Dialik bot chat in Messenger from Facebook
Choose from a list of your doctor with whom you will share information about your health
We store all data entered and generate reports for you and your doctor
Enter blood pressure readings after each measurement
If the data entered is higher than normal, we notify the doctor
You get an online consultation if necessary
Benefits of working with us
Online Consultation
You have a chance to invite your doctor to our chatbot. And this will simplify the process of communication between doctor and patient
Control your Condition
By entering your blood pressure data every day, your doctor will be able to give you more accurate recommendations for treatment.
Personal Report of your Health
You have a chance to download your personal weekly/monthly chart of your health. And this is the key to successful treatment
Preventing High Blood Pressure
Dialik app + Dialik chatbot allow you and your doctor to see the patterns of increasing high blood pressure. And you can reduce this condition in advance.
Our doctors
Meet a team of professionals who will help you stay healthy
Oleg Stasiuk
–°ardiologist, Ivano-Frankivsk
Natalia Mushak
Family doctor, Ivano-Frankivsk
Inna Liahina
–°ardiologist, Ivano-Frankivsk
Pick a plan
Blood pressure data inputs
Report about last 5 days
More flexible reports, which will be controled by doctor;
Notifications for doctor about high BP;
Online consultations
Blood pressure data inputs;
Report about last 5 days.
Meet a team of professionals who will help you stay healthy
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